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Great British Baking Show ™

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Mark's Turkish Bazaar Inspired Battenberg
Mark's Turkish Bazaar Inspired Battenberg
Great British Baking Show ™ - Judging

Mark: "I'm going for dark green marzipan. So I'm doing a turkish bazaar inspired Battenberg. Me and my wife both love Istanbul. It's actually my wedding anniversary today, so I thought it's actually worked out quite a good time to do the battenberg."

Beneath Mark's green marzipan were Turkish flavors of orange, pistachio, cardamom and pomegranate. 


Prue Leith: "It's a nice, light sponge. I think it's a little thick, but I like marzipan."

Paul Hollywood: "Pomegranates don't do anything, flavour wise. It's pistachio in the green sponge and that brings a lovely texture to it. "

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About The Great British Baking Show ™

The Great British Bake Off ™ (often abbreviated to Bake Off or GBBO and referred to in the United States as The Great British Baking Show ™) is a streamed British baking competition, in which a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in a series of rounds, hoping to impress the judges with their baking skills. One contestant in The Great British Baking Show ™ is eliminated in each round, and the winner is selected from the three contestants who reach the final.

The Great British Baking Show ™ operates on a weekly elimination process to find the best all-around baker from the contestants, who are all amateurs. In each episode, the bakers are given three challenges based on that week's theme: a signature bake, a technical challenge, and a show-stopper. The bakes are assessed by the judges who then choose a "Star Baker" for the week, and a contestant is also eliminated. In the final round, three bakers are left and a winner is chosen from the three.

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