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Baking (pastry) blind

Tarts and quiches are often "baked blind" when they are to be filled with a cold or uncooked filling.

Baking pastry blind is a technique used to partially cook a pastry case before adding a filling. This is necessary for fillings that have a shorter cooking time than the pastry, such as quiches and tarts. Blind baking helps to prevent the pastry case from becoming soggy and helps it to hold its shape.

To bake pastry blind, you will need:

  • A pastry case

  • Baking parchment paper

Directions for baking blind

Line the pie dish with pastry (or buy a pastry shell - there's absolutely nothing wrong with that). Take a roll of baking parchment (I've included a link at the bottom of the page - best to buy it in a roll because although you can buy it in pre-cut sheets, this stuff is really easy to cut or tear and you'll waste a LOT with the pre-cuts). Cut or tear off enough to line the pastry and have some dangling over the edges.


Fill the pastry shell to half way with rice, lentils or beans from your pantry. Stale crusts of bread work well, too,


Bake the pastry for about 10 - 15 mins at 400 degrees. If the pastry is going to be taking a really wet filling, then you can save it from 'soggy bottom' by brushing it all over with beaten egg white and baking for about 3 more minutes. I quite like to flavor the egg white, if I'm using it, with salt and pepper for a savory dish ... or with a little vanilla caster sugar for a sweet dish.

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