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24 Financiers

24 Financiers

In episode 9 of Season 14 of The Great British Baking Show ™, the 4 remaining contestants were required to create two batches, each of twelve financiers. The bakers were given two hours and each batch could be any flavor.

Prue Leith: "A classic financier is a little sponge cake that looks like a little gold bar. They always have ground nuts, most often ground almonds and the usually involve brown butter, which is just butter heated until it is right on the point of burning. This gives the financier a really rich and nutty flavor."

Paul Hollywood: "Financiers should be quite moist inside but light at the the same time. It's quite tricky to get them absolutely spot on. Also, we're asking the bakers to decorate - elevate - the financiers to a really high standard. It's the semi-finals, so we're looking for perfection, elegance and a beautiful flavor."

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