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Cooking with Cherries

Bing Cherry

Known for their deep red to almost black color and rich, sweet flavor, Bing cherries grow on deciduous trees that can reach 32 feet in height. They ripen in the summer through early fall.

Rainier Cherry

A golden cherry with a red blush, Rainier cherries are a specialty variety that originated in Washington State.


Montmorency Cherry

The most popular sour cherry in the US, Montmorency cherries are often canned or frozen, rather than fresh. They are commonly used in sour cherry pies and juice.

Lapins Cherry

Lapins cherries originated in Canada and feature a dark red color and sweet taste with a firm texture and a slightly tart undertone. Their well-balanced flavor makes them a popular choice for both fresh eating and use in cooking.

Sweetheart Cherry

Shaped like a heart, sweetheart cherries feature a deliciously sweet flavor with a slight hint of acidic-tart undertone. These cherries add a burst of natural sweetness to desserts and savory dishes.


Royal Ann (or Queen Anne) Cherry

Resembling the Rainier in appearance and taste, the Royal Ann Cherry often gets mistaken for this more commonly marketed variety with a refreshing and crisp texture. It is also the type of cherry used for maraschino cherries.

Van Cherry

Van cherries feature a deep crimson-purple color and grow quite large in comparison to other sweet cherry varieties. Sweet, juicy, and quite large, many consider the Van an improvement on the Bing cherry.


Morello Cherry


Known for their dark red to almost black skin, Morello cherries feature a tart, acidic flavor. These cherries are not typically consumed fresh due to their sour taste but are highly valued for use in cooking, baking, and making preserves.

Tulare Cherry

Often called a cousin to Bing cherries, Tulare cherries feature a sweet, juicy flavor and firm texture. They feature a sweet flavor, making them ideal for nearly any purpose, from eating fresh to canning or freezing. They often appear heart-shaped.


Chelan Cherry

Gorgeous and deep red (almost black) colored, Chelan cherries are known for early ripening, hardiness, and sweet tasting fruit. Developed as a Stella and Beaulieu cross, it gets its name from town of Chelan, located in the state of Washington. Mild tasting.

Balaton Cherry


Balaton tart cherries are larger than most tart cherries, with a deep burgundy-red color throughout the skin and juicy flesh. They feature a rich, tangy flavor that makes them perfect for baking.

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