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Bread Week
Bread Week

Which bakers are in the tent?

Signature Dish -

Chelsea Buns

About the dish ...

Host: "Paul and Prue would love you to do your take on the classic Chelsea bun. You must produce twelve sweet buns using any flavor, filling or decoration that you wish. But the buns must be baked with their sides touching. They have to be presented still attached, so that Paul and Prue can tear one off for judging.

Paul Hollywood: "Chelsea buns are made of an enriched dough, which has added milk, butter and fats. Rubbing the butter, rubbing the butter. These extra ingredients can slow down the yeast, meaning a longer proving time is needed to achieve the necessary rise."

Prue Leith: "The interesting thing about an enriched dough is it's a really good test of a baker's knowledge. The dough is going to take longer to rise, so not to panic when nothing seems to be happening. It will take longer. It's a bit of a speciality of mine. I want to see great flavor combinations, but it's all about the dough itself. It must be beautiful and soft and a great structure inside. It pulls apart. It's a classic."

Time Allowed

3 hours

What the bakers prepared

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