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Desserts Week
Desserts Week

Which bakers are in the tent?

Signature Dish -

Meringue Roulade

About the dish ...

Host: "Today, the judges would love you to make a meringue roulade. Now, your roulade needs to be family sized and must be made from melt in the mouth meringue. The choice of filling is entirely up to you, but the filling must be enclosed in the roulade, which, when cut, must demonstrate a perfect swirl."

Prue Leith: "What we're looking for in a great roulade, crack through the exterior, soft on the inside, a beautiful spiral into the middle. One of the things the bakers really need to think about is the balance of flavors. You need a bit of acidity, either a curd or nice, sharp fruits, because meringue is pure sugar. But the beauty of this challenge is there's nowhere to hide. Make a mistake, and it shows up."

Time Allowed

1 hour 45 minutes

What the bakers prepared

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