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The Winner 

Matty Edgell, from Peterborough in the English Midlands, was crowned winner of the 2023 (Season 14) Great British Baking Show ™ (heralded as The Great British Bake Off ™ in the UK).

Matty is King of Sausage Rolls after his Hollywood Handshake. (Recipe)

This page is dedicated to Matty and particularly the dishes that he baked on his way to his success. Congratulations to all twelve bakers, who entertained us hugely in 2023, and particularly to Matty for his win.

Matty's dishes

Many apologies for the time where the images don't do credit to the originals. 

Technical Challenge

The final technical challenge of Season 14 of The Great British Baking Show ™ was set by Paul Hollywood. When asked for a hint for the bakers he said "For perfection, you're going to need patience."

The technical challenge was to  bake 9 Lardy Cake Slices. The bakers had 3 hours. 

Paul Hollywood said of Lardy Cakes - These are a cross between Danish pastry and bread. This technical challenge is all about getting the timing right. The bakers need to get the dough ready as quickly as possible so that it can prove without rushing. After the first proving the dough gets layered with sugar and fruit. The second prove is critical and the longer it proves, the better. If the bakers have been slow in getting to that second proving, they risk EITHER under-proving or under-baking. 

The Winner of The Great British Baking Show 2023!

Matty Edgell

Culinary lessons from The Great British Baking Show Season 14

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