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Desserts week


The Showstopper challenge in Dessert Week of the Great British Baking Show ™, Season 14, was:

"Make a sharing-sized dessert which is encased within a highly decorative meringue bombe"


When talking about the Showstopper in Desserts Week (Episode 7) of Season 14 of The Great British Baking Show ™, Prue Leith said "A meringue bombe should look like a sphere and inside it there should be any kind of dessert the contestants like."

Paul Hollywood added "The meringue itself is probably going to be a French meringue because it is stable and strong."

Prue Leith closed with "the most obvious option is to use a mould for the bombe, in which case the bakers will do the mould in two halves."

"Flowers for my bee"

Marzipan bumblebees buzzed around Saku's flowery bombe, and inside there were two flavors of profiteroles ... passion fruit creme patisserie and pistachio with Irish Cream.

This showstopper was judged to be a little short on flavor and there was an opinion that the choux buns were too flat.


Cristy made a croquembouche of summer berry creme diplomat, protruding from a bombe of multi-colored meringue kisses, which are attached using royal icing. 

The end result looked really pretty, with many primary, glossy colors, but the inner dessert was judged "messy and too sweet".

Plum and Ginger

Branches of pink plum blossom were wrapped around Tasha's bombe. There were profiteroles filled with plum and ginger creme diplomat. The profiteroles were covered in plum craquelin.

The decoration was judged highly - looked very elegant, and the flavors were "good".

"Game, Set and Match"

With his tennis-themed bombe, Josh served up his cheesecake of mascarpone whipped cream with a touch of champagne, sandwiched by layers of strawberry mousse and strawberry jam.

The judges loved the flavor, and the attention to detail.

"English Italian Summer"

Genoise Sponge, pistachio cremeux and a compote of strawberry and basil joined a mousse inside a french meringue bombe for Matty's showstopper.

Paul Hollywood didn't like the addition of basil to this dish. He also judged it a little messy. 

"Pale Blue Dot"


Beneath an earth's crust of chocolate genoise, Dan's trifle consisted of orange creme patisserie, strawberry bavarois and a core of raspberry jelly.

During the preparation, Prue Leith had expressed concern that the wet layers in the trifle might make everything too soggy, but she judged it very highly in the end.

In Dessert Week, Dan was Star Baker.

Lessons learned in Dessert Week, Showstopper

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