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Patisserie week

Technical Challenge - Tarte aux Pommes

The apple tart should consist of a short buttery pastry case filled with a smooth almond frangipane and apple puree, topped with glazed apple slices.


2.5 hours was assigned for this task. 

Technical Challenge

Prue Leith "The perfect tarte aux pommes needs to go into the oven three times. The first is the 'blind bake' for the pastry and is the most important to avoid the 'soggy bottom'. This bake is also important to set the color of the finished product. The second bake is to set the frangipane and the third bake cooks the apples. Those sliced apples need to be really, really thin otherwise (a) they won't get baked enough and (b) they look clumsy.

What we heard from the bakers ...

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