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Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 1

Recipes, foods, hints and tips from the show

The aim of this page is to help you feel increasingly comfortable in the kitchen. If you're anything like me, then you'll sit and watch Hell's Kitchen and ask yourself questions like "well, what should that chef have done about the burnt salmon?" or "if the lobster is sweet, what could that chef have done to balance that?"

There are lots of sites that teach you about the show "Hell's Kitchen" and lots of copies of Gordon Ramsay's recipes, but I can't find any other site which gives you insight into the cooking highs and lows and lessons we can learn from this show. 

Here, I will shout out about the culinary highs and lows of the episode and try to answer questions and provide useful hints and tips.

Recipe hints from Hell's Kitchen

The Episode

This was the debut episode of Hell's Kitchen Season 22. Each of the competitors cooked their signature dishes, which are laid out below. Further down this page, I've highlighted the items that really popped out of this episode and for each one, outlined the food issues that were revealed and added some advice and guidance from my own cooking experience. 

  • Lobster with Coconut Cream Linguine [Dahmere - 1 point awarded]

  • Asian Inspired Salmon [ Leigh - 3 points awarded]

  • Southern Lamb Chop [Melissa - 4 points awarded]

  • Home-made biscuits with sage sausage gravy and strawberry jam [Tad - 1 point awarded]

  • Citrus and Chili Roasted Maine Lobster [Jason - 3 points awarded]

  • Shrimp and Grits with Dill Cream Sauce and Tasso Pork [Raneisha - 3 points awarded]

  • Veal Tenderloin, pan-roasted with veal and rosemary jus [Ryan - 5 points awarded]

  • Arroz con Pato with Cilantro Rice and Pan-Seared Duck [Carmen - 4 points awarded]

  • Linguine and Clams [Sammi - 5 points awarded and winner of tie-break]

  • Smoked Pork Tenderloin [Devon - 3 points awarded]

  • Hand made Gnocchi with creamy clam sauce and bacon [Johnathan - 5 points awarded]

  • Spätzle (Spaetzle) with a meat goulash [Claudia - 2 points awarded]

  • Habanero infused cod [2 points awarded]

  • Lobster Macaroni Cheese [Jermaine - 4 points awarded]

  • Vegan mock-scallops from oyster mushrooms [2 points awarded]

  • Veal cutlets with spätzle [Brad - 4 points awarded]

  • Elevated catfish with grits [Donya - 4 points awarded]

  • Filet Mignon with purple potato, chorizo and poblano hash [Mattias - 3 points awarded]  


Culinary learnings from Episode 1

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