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Bonfire Night Apple Cake

Bonfire Night Apple Cake
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Voice-Over: "For his bonfire night apple cake, Steven is planning a spectacular final flourish straight from his mum's recipe book."

Steven: "Every bonfire night, Mum would make us toffee apples. So these are done by taking a melon baller, small piece of apple, dip the toffee, hang them upside down. They would leave a trail of toffee which went the right way up. Will look like the flames of a fire."

Mary Berry: "It looks absolutely delicious. I love the bonfire flames, and the shine of the toffee is perfect. Beautifully baked."

Paul Hollywood: "To get that texture of apple, which is just slightly soft, and then you have those gorgeous, warming spices coming through. The combination of flavors is perfect. I mean, it's just like a little sum up of autumn. Very well thought through. Well done."

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