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Bonfire Night Caramel Ginger Cake

Bonfire Night Caramel Ginger Cake
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Rahul: "I'm putting in stem ginger. I love the ginger flavor, so I always just keep adding more and more all the time. I'm using dry ginger as well as chopped stemmed gingers. When I told my mom, I mean, she was quite surprised at why people would have ginger in a cake because in India, we normally use ginger for savory things. We cook curries and stuff with it, so she was quite surprised." 

Voice-over: "Rahul's mom has never tried his triple layered ginger and caramel cake with cinder toffee inspired by a very British tradition. "

Rahul: "The first time I had ginger cake was during a bonfire night celebration. I didn't really think these flavors could actually work because in India, sweet things means extremely sweet."

Prue Leith: "Your pipe work is very good. It's very pleasing to look at. It's lovely. Lovely and gingery. Good texture." 

Paul Hollywood: "You, my friend, are a little genius, don't you? Because you surprise me every week. Every week. The sponge is perfect. The stem ginger is awesome. I mean, I have never liked honeycomb with ginger in it. It's lovely. You are one hell of a baker. Well done."

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