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Dan's Fancy Financiers

Dan's Fancy Financiers
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Dan: "So, for my first batch, I am doing pistachio with matcha and pink peppercorn." 

Paul Hollywood: "Matcha.???" 

Dan: "There's only one teaspoon of matcha going in it. I'm adding it because it does lend a little bit of flavour to the pistachio."

Voice-over: "Dan's financiers, delicately flavored with matcha green tea powder, will be decorated with yuzu gel and tonka bean mousse. His second batch will be orange and vanilla financiers topped with macerated peach and fresh raspberries."

Prue Leith: "They do look beautiful. They're very neat. Dan, you were worrying about finesse and they look beautiful." 

Paul Hollywood: "They do look very good. I think we'll have a look at the Japanese inspired one first. This is the tonka bean with the pink peppercorn and pistachio and matcha. That's beautiful. Clever. Yeah. Matcha hits right at the end. Tonka beans there. The choice of fruit I like on there as well. That is delicious. All of it's delicious."

Paul Hollywood: "Let's look at the peach, orange and raspberry. Yeah, that's beautiful. Oh, really nice. It's like a celebration of citrus and it pops and it's beautifully baked. It's got moisture there. That's the perfect financier for me." 

Prue Leith: "Ithink it's a triumph. Well done, Dan."

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