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Fancy Custard Pies

Fancy Custard Pies
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

David: "I'm actually doing a classic vanilla custard, and that's it. Basically, when I was looking up custard tarts, I found out that in the 1920s, they used to do bone marrow and dried fruit in the custard, which didn't light my fire." T

Prue Leith: "It looks like a custard pie you'd see in a French patisserie." 

Paul Hollywood: "Yeah. Very professional, very neat on the outside. It is absolutely exquisite. You managed to make these flapper girls look quite flirty. The base to the amount of custard. Perfect. Beautifully cut. That's a custard pie. It's silky smooth, delicious. Yes, it's the perfect custard pie. The base, crumbly, crispy. The custard, baked to perfection, beautifully level, filled to the top. And then the design, impeccable."

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