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Florida Roulade

Florida Roulade
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Dan: "I spend quite a lot of time in the Florida Keys, and I started thinking about the flavors that I've enjoyed. They're mainly cocktails, if I'm being completely honest with you." 

Voice-Over: "Dan's fruity roulade will be filled with a coconut cream, topped with fresh mango, strawberries, and lime curd. "

Dan: "The lime is really the star of this one. I think I've got the balance of the sweetness and the sharpness."

Prue Leith: "I love the decoration. It's so delicate, and it does look neat as a pin. You do have a spiral. You have a really good one, too." 

Paul Hollywood: "I think those flavors are wonderful. Really fresh, lots of different fruit. The lime cuts right through the sweetness of the meringue, and you've got the balance perfectly good. The meringue is very good. You need one hero, and everything else works around it. Lime's the one in that, and I think it looks exquisite. Well done."

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