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Frances' Canapes

Frances' Canapes
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Frances: "So I'm just starting my carrot pastry at the moment. Outside of cooking cakes and sweet and buttery stuff, I do actually love vegetables. So I'm doing french 'legume' canapes. It's already looking a bit carroty in color because I've added a smoked paprika." 

Voice-over: "As well as spicy carrots. Frances' vegetable garden will feature choux pastry, tomatoes filled with smoked trout pate and tiny cauliflowers made from scones topped with cheese and cauliflower puree." 

Paul Hollywood: "So what sort of pastry are you using?" 

Frances: "Well, it's almost like a shortcrust, really. I'm shaping it around these little horns. That looks like a little carrot. And then I'm filling it with hummus because you normally have carrot sticks and hummus together."

Mary Berry: "I do think it looks stunning." 

Paul Hollywood: "I think your presentation is what were looking for. They look fantastic. Flavor is delicious. The basil is coming through. Lovely shine on the icing. You've cracked it." 

Paul Hollywood: "Going on to your pastry one. The carrot. Yes. I love the texture of it. It's great. I love the look of it. There is too much heat."

Mary Berry: "There's too much paprika in there. If it's for your drinks party, you'll have to supply a lot of drink because everyone's going to be very thirsty." 

Paul Hollywood: "The cauliflower scones, they look fantastic. They really do look great. You've got a very good bake underneath. Lovely, lovely."

Mary Berry: "You've got the creaminess coming from the cauliflower on the top. You've got the crispiness coming from the lettuce and that beautiful scone texture coming from underneath and it's magical." 

Paul Hollywood: "Very, very clever." 

Mary Berry: "Absolutely scrummy. Well done."

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