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Keralan Star, Tear and Share Bread

Keralan Star, Tear and Share Bread
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Voice-Over: "Having travelled all over the globe, Michael's taking his inspiration from a little further afield." 

Michael: "It's based on flavors from Kerala down in the south of India, and it's completely invented, which makes me a bit nervous."

Voice-Over: "Michael's decorative red and white Caroline star bread will be flavoured with coconut and what's rapidly becoming his trademark, a kick of chili."

Paul Hollywood: "I love the effect of that. I think it's very clever, very pretty. Got a nice even bake on the other side. I like the coconut. I think coconut works really well with it. The kick from the chilies. I just love the red round there. I really like that. And I tell you why I like it. It's because I've never had anything like it before. And that's what makes it special."

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