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Paul's Cranberry & Orange Sweet Soda Bread

Paul's Cranberry & Orange Sweet Soda Bread
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Paul Hollywood: "How much flour are you using in this?"

Paul: "800 grams of flour."

Paul Hollywood: "800 grams. How much liquid?" 

Paul: "300 to 350 ml of buttermilk." 

Paul Hollywood: "Not a lot of liquid. So it's quite a tight structure inside.'

Voice Over: "Paul's close textured quick bread is a break with tradition, as it's sweetened with orange and cranberry." 

Paul Hollywood: "Why did you choose sweet?" 

Paul: "I just like the texture, I like the taste, like the flavours." 

Paul Hollywood: "So how long are you baking this for?" 

Paul: "50 to 55 minutes." 

Paul Hollywood: "Okay. That's quite a long time. Good luck, mate."

Mary Berry: "I can smell the orange. It's coming up and hitting me, which I like in the bread. "

Paul Hollywood: "That's excellent. The orange is great. Your texture is good. The bake's pretty much perfect for a sweet soda bread. Yeah, I'll have another piece of that."

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