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Raspberry and Chocolate Slices

Raspberry and Chocolate Slices
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Chigs: "I am making a raspberry and chocolate slice. I want to make sure the flavor of the raspberry comes across more than the chocolate, basically, because I know the chocolate can be a little bit more overpowering, but I want that raspberry to really punch around the face."

Voice-Over: "With a slender layer of chocolate ganache sandwiched between jaconde sponges, supporting a raspberry mousse, thin coating of raspberry jelly, and delicate decorations. Chig's slices will be the epitome of Parisian elegance."

Prue Leith: "I like them a lot. You've managed to create nice, sharp lines. Very Parisian. Making my mouth water." 

Paul Hollywood: "I like the sponge in there. The sponge is good. I think you've got just enough chocolate there to marry it with the raspberry.' 

Prue Leith: "I was a bit nervous because that chocolate is quite strong. Then I took it with raspberry, and it's perfect."

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