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Red, White and Blue Meringue Crown

Red, White and Blue Meringue Crown
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Jane: "My meringue crown is a red, white and blue meringue crown with strawberry and raspberry compote. And then the next layer is blueberry compote, and then the top is white flesh nectarines with other fruits." 

Voice-Over: "Jane's red, white and blue pavlova is her husband Ray's favorite dessert. She's hoping that sticking with her tried and tested family favorites will be a hit with Paul and Mary."

Paul Hollywood: "You've made, from appearance point of view, a first rate meringue. It's held all its shape perfectly."

Mary Berry: "I can't wait to get the texture of that meringue. You know, it does look very impressive."

Paul Hollywood: "Oh, the way the knife just falls through. Look how solid it is at the bottom there as well."

Paul Hollywood: "Perfect, isn't it? The flavors go very well and your coulis is sharp. And you know what is really sharp? The peach on top, which is just what you need with a pavlova."

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