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Ryan's Lardy Buns

Ryan's Lardy Buns
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Voice Over: "Typically, Lardy Cake is made as one large cake, invented by farmers to use left over pig fat. Ryan's version is filled with sultanas and raisins."

Ryan: "I'm going to make the dough, roll them out, put some lard on the top, fold them, rest them, add more lard and raisins, re-fold them and eventually proof them. 

Paul Hollywood: "Oooooh! That texture. It's excellent. I can't argue with the bake on that." 

Mary Berry: "It's lovely and soft, isn't it? I mean, it tempts you. I like the sugariness on top. Lovely. They taste great." 

Paul Hollywood: "Well done, Ryan. Well done indeed. They are very good."

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