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Tamal's Middle Eastern Raised Game Pie

Tamal's Middle Eastern Raised Game Pie
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Tamal: "I'm doing a Middle Eastern flavored game pie, and then I'm frying the meat in a spice mix. So it's Ras El Hanout and then some extra cinnamon. Ras El Hanout isn't chilly, it isn't hot. There's a little bit of pepper. Aromatic."

Voice Over: "Tamal's spices will flavor his rabbit, pigeon and venison filling ... with almonds, apricots and minced lamb completing his Arabian theme."

Mary Berry: "Having minced lamb means that it will hold together, which is good. It makes a much better pie. Fat is our friend."

Mary Berry: "Overall, the bake looks fantastic. The overall appearance, particularly of the top, I think is most attractive. These roses look great. Look how moist it is in there. You can see it's almost setting itself. The mince lamb would have done part of this job for you." 

"That's very clever. It has that spiciness, not too much spice, not to knock you back. It's a gentle blend of spices. Do you know what? That's fantastic. Really well done. Thank you."

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