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MasterChef ™


Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Gordon Ramsay: "Ready to become America's next MasterChef? This season, we're hunting for the answer to the even bigger question. Which generation has the best cooks? Is it Gen Z? The millennials? Gen X? Or once they've changed their batteries, is it the baby boomers? Well, all of you get to know your generation inside out, because how you cook individually matters most of all. But what you do as a group will also affect your fate."

"Because each night, whoever cooks the best dish will earn the immunity pin. This pin will keep you safe from elimination across the next challenge. But even more importantly, your entire generation will be safe from elimination that night."

"Even though you're playing together for now, just one of you will win the title, the trophy, and, of course, a quarter million dollars."

"If you want to be America's next MasterChef, you have to be tactical about how you played this game. "

"Now, this season, we are throwing you into the deep end, which is why tonight, you're already facing your first mystery box challenge."

"In tonight's mixer box challenge, the secret ingredient is you."

"Now, tonight, you'll have 1 hour to take the nostalgic comfort food from your childhood and transform it into a modern day, restaurant worthy dish. Use your own memories to make us a super memorable dish."

Joe Bastianich: "All of you, use everything this kitchen has to offer that you didn't have back then, including those incredible Viking ranges."

"Remember, whoever cooks the worst dish in the remaining generations will be eliminated. Right, everybody ready? Your time starts now."

What the MasterChef ™ contestants prepared
Recipe for Rebecka's Blackberry Hoisin Meatloaf
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Culinary Learnings from this MasterChef ™ challenge
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