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Dry-Aged Duck Breast
Dry-Aged Duck Breast

Gordon Ramsay: "It looks professionally plated. The duck needs to be a perfect medium rare or medium sliced pink. Not too raw, tricky, but it looks rendered properly. Looks good." 

Joe Bastianich: "Duck is delicious. There's a melt in the mouth moment. This thing is seasoned beautifully, is crispy, and it just really is good. That gastrique reduces the richness and the fat and the game that duck delivers. Good job." 

Aaron Sanchez: "You chose to put tons of salt on top of the duck and that prosciutto that once you crisp it up, seasons the duck. You just hit it on the mark. The interesting thing is if you wouldn't have presented this dish, I certainly would have attributed it to someone in Gen X or maybe a baby boomer, because it's a very mature dish. Everything is seasoned well and in balance."

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