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Dry-Aged Ribeye
Dry-Aged Ribeye

Gordon Ramsay: "Remind us how you incorporated that Stilton that Rebecca handed out earlier." 

Sunshine: "I just did a compound butter." 

Gordon Ramsay: "I look at this dish, and it just reminds me of, like, a really middle of the road steakhouse. And that's a shame, because I know you can cook better than this."

Joe Bastianich: "Sunshine. A ribeye. It's packed with fat. Right? It needs to be rendered. Let's hope it's not undercooked. (Tests) Unfortunately, that's way too raw. And the white fat inside. Nothing has got in there, so that's a shame. "

Aaron Sanchez: "Sunshine. Whatever happened in that oven rendered this whole gratin like ... it tastes like butane. But the Stilton butter is delicious. Actually, that's the best thing on this plate." 

Gordon Ramsay: "It's all much too heavy. You have basically undercooked potatoes, and so a lot of problems with this dish. The seasoning on the sprouts is delicious. And then comes the clash. The super rich, fatty potatoes with the undercooked ribeye."

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