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Lobster Tempura Roll
Lobster Tempura Roll


"Murt. It looks good. I'm amazed you got that done in 45 minutes."

Murt: "That's the most stressful thing I've ever done in my life. But I live by the fact that's not how you start, it's how you finish. And I'm pretty proud of what I put on the plate. "

"What kind of batter did you use?" 

Murt: "So I did a tempura batter, and I think the thinner the tempera batter, the better you want that crunch to it."

"But also, the problem with cooking lobster twice, the second time around, especially fried, it could be seriously rubber. Talk me through the layers. What's in there?" 

Murt: "So you have cream cheese, you have asparagus for a crunch, avocado, and you have cucumber. And then on top, you have a slaw that includes some of the spicy mayo. "

"Right, Mert, lobsters cooked beautifully. It's incredibly sweet. Sadly, I'm not getting the crunch from the sushi roll. I'm getting more crunch from the undercooked asparagus. And I'll be honest with you, I am not a big cream cheese fan. But listen, I've always been a big advocate of adventurous cooking, and then there's dangerous cooking. Sadly, you fall in the dangerous cooking bracket because I don't think you're fully understanding what you're putting together."

"Okay, Mert, like, all criticisms aside, I'm, like, feeling your energy. I feel my blood, sweat and tears. For me, you are what we're looking for."

"That sauce is really the saving grace in this whole thing. Cause it actually does bring everything together. So I appreciate that. There's a lot of expert cooking, a lot of promise"

"I saw the dish. I loved the look of it. I tasted it, and in my head, right away, I sort of felt like I would rather have had that lobster tail, just nice and clean, fresh out of the ocean, with just some simple butter brush on top after it had been grilled. But I also love that you've been bold with taking some of those flavors and playing around a little bit here."

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