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Steamed Aged Snapper
Steamed Aged Snapper

Gordon Ramsay: "Quite frankly, this looks like it was plated at a buffet line. It just looks so unappealing. The puree is sopping up all the miso broth, and it's all kind of just deconstructing as we're watching it. What are the aromats in there?" 

Christopher: "Ginger, scallions, garlic, and the sesame oil." 

Aaron Sanchez: "The actual fish is cooked beautifully. What lets this dish down is the puree. It doesn't suit the dish. I love the idea of that miso broth and some pickled daikon on top would have been absolutely fine." 

Joe Bastianich: "The fish is actually moist. It's just this daikon puree is marring all the beautiful work you've done."

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