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Sticky Pork Belly
Sticky Pork Belly

Gordon Ramsay: "So, visually, it doesn't look like a baby boomers dish. It's sort of gone all a little bit millennial on me."

Judge: "Look. It has everything going for it, visually, to be a tasty dish. Let's hope it lives up to its looks, right?"

Judge: "Pork belly is good. Seasoned beautifully. The big issue I've got here is the gumminess of the grits, and I'm not too sure if Gouda is the right cheese for that."

Judge: "Derek. I think for me, it kind of registers like a quick service chinese restaurant, and that's not necessarily a good thing." 

Different judge: "I think that the flavor of the pork and the spices is very good. I enjoyed it very much."

Gordon Ramsay: "Look, it's good, but is it good enough for a very competitive, multi generational MasterChef kitchen? Not this time."

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