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Teriyaki Lamb Chops
Teriyaki Lamb Chops


"Visually, it doesn't really, like, blow my mind, but I'm really curious to try it."

"What's the rub on the lamb? What have you done?"

'The rub is just salt and pepper, and then I glazed it with the teriyaki sauce.'

'Wow. That's beautiful.'

"Cooked the meat perfectly."

"Good job."

"The lamb is the star of this dish, and that was a beautiful piece of lamb. When you cut it open there, it's not easy to do."

"There's just some amateur moves here that don't give me a lot of confidence. Incorporate the rice with the veg, and then have something to bind it, you know, season it with the soy, season it with something else, and that would make it really magical.

"So I'm going to go beyond the dish. I mean, the dish is fine. You know how to cook. I think that your challenge is you aren't ingredient savvy. I don't think you have a lot of experience with spices, but that's good news for you, because that's teachable. 

"The lamb is cooked beautifully. Let's get that absolutely clear. I mean, it's just restaurant quality. But the bit that lets this dish down for me is the veg, because it's watery. So when you think of a stir fry, we sort of caramelize those vegetables. It needs heat. But I agree with Joe. I think you are teachable."

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