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Pickled Onions

Pickled onions are having a moment, and they're the tangy, crunchy, umami bomb your next meal might be missing.

Pickled onions are a staple in British pubs, often served alongside a classic ploughman's lunch or a hearty sandwich. Their sweet-tart vinegar brine cuts through rich flavors and you'll never eat raw onion again – pickled onions are softer with a complex, punchy flavor profile that'll upgrade any charcuterie board.

Don't relegate them to a side dish, either! Experiment by adding pickled onions to tacos, salads, even on top of pizza for a burst of zesty flavor.

Best of all, pickled onions are ridiculously easy to make. With just a few ingredients and some time, you can customize your own batch with spices, herbs, and a touch of sweetness. And once you have pickled your onions, the world opens up.


How to pickle onions

Pickled Onion Powder

Once you have pickled onions, then you can lay them in a dehydrator for about 10 hours until they are dried to a crisp (and all the lovely flavor is concentrated) then use a coffee grinder to grind them to powder. 

Alternatively, let us parcel some up and mail it to you.


Pickled Onion Gel

The liquid in which you pickle your onions will be bursting with flavor, and if you included some red onions, as we always do, then it will also be rose pink. Add setting gel to your pickling liquid for a glorious addition to a light lunch, maybe of mozzarella cheese and pear slices.

We use agar-agar in place of gelatin, for sustainability and to show our love to our friends who don't eat animals.

Pickled Onion Powder

Here's an idea for when to use pickled onion powder - sprinkle it on your scrambled eggs and mushrooms, instead of boring salt.


Pickled Onion Powder

Try baking some beets in a salt dough, then cutting them into bite-sized pieces along with a soft mozzarella or burrata, and serve with pickled onion powder.

You'll never look back.

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