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Pickled Prunes

I'm not sure why other cooks aren't using pickled prunes, because they are a wonderful addition to savory dishes. The act of pickling prunes renders them 'melt-in-the-mouth' soft, and gives them an acidic punch that brings that umami kick.

Substitutions and Additions

You'll see in my recipe that white wine vinegar works just as well as distilled vinegar. I've also successfully used herb vinegars and apple cider vinegar, for the health giving properties.

I typically use an orange as a vehicle to stud with cloves. A lemon isn't good - too much acid, but I've thrown the cloves straight into the solution of syrup and vinegar successfully - you just need to remember to remove them individually which can be a nuisance. 

I use cane sugar, but I've used regular granulated, bleached sugar and it works okay. I've also sometimes reduced the amount of sugar and used a soft dark brown sugar - I like that substitution. I haven't (yet) tried honey but I think it would work as long as the honey isn't too flowery.



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