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Recipe types

Throughout this site there are recipes. You can find them in either of two ways. Perhaps you're looking to simply find a recipe that inspires you - in which case, you will see that all of our recipes are categorized below.

One word of warning - my recipes are original and are intended for cooks who are comfortable in the kitchen. I often don't specify exactly how much salt, or how much cream, to use in a dish - I leave it to the cook to understand that salt is for seasoning, and cream is usually for thinning and enriching - and to therefore customize my recipes to their own liking.

The second way to find recipes on this site is to start off with the page called 'Menu Ideas' and follow me through some creative ideas. That way you may never end up using my recipes - instead you might find the genius you were temporarily lacking, and run to your pantry to invent your own meal.

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