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Hell's Kitchen Season 22 Episode 7

Recipes, foods, hints and tips from the show

The aim of this page is to help you feel increasingly comfortable in the kitchen. If you're anything like me, then you'll sit and watch Hell's Kitchen and ask yourself questions like "well, what should that chef have done about the burnt salmon?" or "if the lobster is sweet, what could that chef have done to balance that?"

There are lots of sites that teach you about the show "Hell's Kitchen" and lots of copies of Gordon Ramsay's recipes, but I can't find any other site which gives you insight into the cooking highs and lows and lessons we can learn from this show. 

Here, I will shout out about the culinary highs and lows of the episode and try to answer questions and provide useful hints and tips.

The Episode

This was the seventh episode of Hell's Kitchen Season 22. In the first half of the show, each contestant was assigned a protein and matched with a team-mate from the opposing team. Each competitor was given a Vision Grill to use. The challenge was to elevate the protein on the grill. 

The dishes were judged by Chef and Pitmaster Aaron Franklin, one of America's most recognized names in barbecue. His restaurant, Franklin Barbecue, is in Austin, Texas.


Grilled (Barbecue) Dishes


Chicken Thigh

Atoye: Bourbon-glazed chicken with a slaw in white wine vinegar.

Dehmere: Smoky chipotle chicken with a spicy chimichurri (winner)


Flat Iron Steak

Devon: Coffee and 5-spice rubbed steak on a fire-roasted bell pepper sauce.

Carmen: Dry rubbed steak, grilled tomato salsa and grilled potatoes with Aji Amarillo Aioli (winner)


Tri Tip Steak

Donya: Chimichurri steak with blistered tomatoes and smoked coleslaw (winner)

Jermaine: Chimichurri steak with pork, bacon and beans and grilled corn with butter.



Sandra: Citrus and Paprika marinated swordfish, charred corn salsa and grilled potato salad (winner)

Ryan: Swordfish San Marilio, Grilled smashed potatoes, lemon and tarragon aioli


Chicken Breast

Leigh: Israeli Zhug Sauce, shawarma-marinated chicken and ginger lime salad (winner)


Jason: Dry, barbecue-rubbed chicken, grilled corn and parmesan and lime aioli.


Ocean Trout

Sammi: Dijon marinated trout, potato salad, char-grilled poblano and asparagus relish. (joint winner)

Johnathan: Blackened trout with crispy skin, charred lemon hollandaise. (joint winner)

Culinary learnings from Episode 7

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