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Lemon Blackcurrant Steamed Pudding

Lemon Blackcurrant Steamed Pudding
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Steven: "I'm zesting lemons. The flavours I've chosen are quite classic, quite simple. But I didn't want to try to be too clever." 

Voice-Over: "A lemon sponge with blackcurrant sauce might seem straightforward, but being Steven, it's here the simplicity ends." 

Mary Berry: "Why have you got a syringe?" 

Steven: "So we're going to take some of the liquid from the compote, inject little streaks into it so you'll get a marbled effect, almost marbling."

Paul Hollywood: "I love the effect of the fruits. The lemon sponge, I think that really works. Looks very good. That sponge looks so light. Blackcurrant is a nice little acidity. Sharp against sort of the mellow lemon of the throat. It's really good. It is a beautiful sponge. It tastes amazing. It is light. Well done, mate."

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