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Signature Dish:

Steamed School Pudding

Steamed School Pudding
About the dish ...

Host: "For your signature challenge, Prue and Paul would like you to go back to a time of assemblies and uniforms. Because they want you to make a steamed school pudding. Your school pudding must be served with an accompaniment, like a compote or a custard."

Paul Hollywood: "I love steamed pudding. I mean, it takes me back to when I was in school. It's all about that little bit of sweetness and then the gorgeous texture of a light sponge with custard. Oh, it's one of my favorite things ever."

Prue Leith: "Most bakers are very good at things in the oven. We're this time asking them to cook something on top of the cooker. It's extremely difficult to tell whether the steamed pudding is cooking correctly. Anything that's got a little bit of sogginess to it is a big no for me."

Time Allowed

3 hours

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