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Tom's Chai Frappelatteccino Biscuits

Tom's Chai Frappelatteccino Biscuits
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Tom: "So I'm making my spiced chaifrappelattecino biscuits. I'm putting quite a lot of spice into these biscuits and coffee as well." 

Voice-Over: "Tom loves experimenting with novel ingredients and intense flavors. He's made 300 practice biscuits to master his blend of four spices and ground coffee for a biscuit with a kick." 

Paul Hollywood: "You're all about the flavors, and you failed in the past with going over complicated."

Mary Berry: "I love your feather icing. Oh, nice smell."

Paul Hollywood (dropping a biscuit to test the texture) ... "Nice sound when it hits the plate, too."

Paul Hollywood: "Good texture, not over sweet. Great spices in there. Coffee comes through just the right level, and a great crunch. 

Nice one. Tom, you nailed it."

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