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18 Identical Decorative Macarons

18 Identical Decorative Macarons

Host: "Now, for your signature challenge, the judges would like you to make a batch of 18 identical decorative macarons. They can be any flavor you like. They must be filled. But here's the twist. The decoration must make them look like something other than a macaron."

Prue Leith: "For me, the perfect macaron is very light, perfectly shaped. Outside, smooth and shiny and crisp as anything, and inside, deliciously chewy. But we're not asking the bakers for any old macaron. They have to be shaped or decorated to look like something else. We want to see colour, we want to see vibrance, and we want to see a little bit of personality coming out."

Paul Hollywood: "The best way to approach this challenge is simplicity. They've only got 2 hours. Produce something that packs a punch and looks amazing. Don't try and overdo it at this stage."

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