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36 Savory Biscuits

36 Savory Biscuits

Host: "For your signature challenge, Paul and Mary would love you to make savoury biscuits. That's 36 savoury biscuits, please, ladies and gents. You can make any biscuit you like, any flavour you like. It's got to go with cheese."

Paul Hollywood: "It's one thing making, you know, three, four biscuits for a dinner party. When you've been asked to make 36, that is very tricky because each biscuit has to be consistent. So not only does the size has to be consistent, but also the bake and the color."

Mary Berry: "If it's a digestive biscuit, it must have a nice crumble. If it's a sort of water biscuit, it should have a snap and be firm. It's got to be the best of its type because we're very fussy."

What the bakers prepared

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