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Family-sized Ginger Cake

Family-sized Ginger Cake

The bakers were asked to make a Ginger Cake, of the perfect size for a family. It could be made with any style of ginger and complimentary flavours were welcomed, as long as ginger remained the dominant flavour.

Prue Leith: "Ginger is my favourite of all the spices and we're looking for a ginger cake."

Paul Hollywood: "It's about finding that balance of heat, spice, flavour, warmth."

Prue Leith: " If you want a fudgy, sticky cake, then stem ginger would be good. It's a mistake to think that fresh ginger is the best answer. If ginger stays in the oven for a very long time, it loses its flavour."

Paul Hollywood: " Ginger does work well with a lime or lemon, but the bakers have to find the balance where the ginger is still that gorgeous flavour that comes pouring through."

We learned from the show that a successful ginger cake involves the merging, over heat, of fats, sugars and syrup. If the heat is too low or too high, the cake might be spoiled from the outset.

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