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Festival Buns

Festival Buns

Host: "It's festival week, and for your signature challenge today, you're going to be making festival buns. And the judges would like 24 yeasted festival buns. They should be your version of the celebratory breads you might find at festivals such as Eid or Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali. Basically, each bun must tell a story."

Prue Leith: "The bakers are going to produce 24 festival buns. They can represent any country in the world. They can have pretty much anything in as long as it's related to a festival. But they've got to get them beautifully light, airy and full of flavour and pack a punch."

Paul Hollywood: "The most obvious festival bun to us is the hot cross bun. At Easter, these buns have to be yeasted, but they could have spice in there or other flavors. What I'm after is uniform, beautifully flavoured, beautifully textured. Absolutely delicious buns."

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