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Party Canapes

Party Canapes

Host: "So for your signature challenge, we're going to ask you to make savory canapes. We'd like three types. One choux, one pastry based, and the other one is entirely up to you. We'd like twelve of each, please."

"Now, these little canapes should be tantalizing to the taste buds and visually very enticing. You've got two and a half hours"

Mary Berry: "There's so much that can go wrong with canapes. The bakers have got to pace themselves because they've got to make choux pastry, shortcrust pastry and something else. The finish has got to be absolutely perfect. It's about precision."

Paul Hollywood: "They've got to be all the same size. It's about consistency throughout the batch, the flavors, how the bakers are going to incorporate those flavors, because they want to pack a big punch in a small amount of space."

What the bakers prepared

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