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Raised Game Pie

Raised Game Pie

Host: "Good morning, bakers. Now, for the next three challenges, we're going Victorian. The Victorian era, of course, gave us things like baking powder, eggless custard and the indomitable Mrs Beaton. This week, we'd like you to make a raised game pie. You can fill it with whatever you like, but it needs to be made with a hot watercress pastry and you can use jelly or not. "

Prue Leith: "For the Victorian middle classes, game pie was a dinner table status symbol, a way for upwardly mobile families to emulate their social superiors. Our raised game pie is an excellent challenge. The Victorians loved their pies. They were ornate. The decoration should be intricate. The key thing here, which we'll be looking for is not having a thick base or thick sides or a thick top. The thinner the better."

Paul Hollywood: "Game pie is made with hot water crust, a robust pastry created by boiling water and fat in a pan then adding flour. Made properly, it should seal in the moist filling and keep its molded shape."

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