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Vertical Layer Cake

Vertical Layer Cake

The judges asked the bakers to make a vertical layer cake. They explained that they were looking for a perfectly baked sponge, rolled with a filling and turned on its end so that, when sliced, it revealed neat, vertical layers.

The judges, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith said: "Vertical layered cake. It's a bit like a swiss roll standing up. So you cut into it and you see these very strong lines. We want cleanly defined vertical layers of cake filling, then cake, then filling, then cake."

"We expect a bit of height to these cakes. Color, and plenty of flavour. Now, if the bakers say, I've got apple in there, I've got pineapple in there, I've got lemon in there, we want to taste it. "

"If the bakers don't get their cakes into the oven in time, get them out, get them cool before they fill them and decorate them, then they're going to be too warm, they will lose shape, they will slump, or we'll have a complete disaster."

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