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Jürgen's Mount Fuji Smash Cake

Jürgen's Mount Fuji Smash Cake

Jürgen built a chocolate 'tent' to represent Mount Fuji at sunset, and once the mountain was smashed, inside was a cake in the shape of a monk's face, made up of two sponges - genoise and joconde. He also used two flavors of bavarois - yuzu and strawberry.

Jürgen made his own mold for his Mount Fuji - he crafted it from form board. 

Jürgen made matcha biscuits as part of his showstopper. 

During judging, Mount Fuji smashed exactly as desired. Inside was a lovely looking cake. Paul Hollywood said "I love the joconde around the edge. A very delicate cake. I love the vibrancy of the sponge." Once he had tasted the cake he said "That tastes really beautiful. Really nice and light. The strawberry works beautifully with the yuzu. This is vintage Jürgen."

Prue Leith added "This is so perfectly executed and so delicious. " 

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