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The Great British Baking Show ™



Signature Dish:

12 Highly Decorated, Festive Religieuses

12 Highly Decorated, Festive Religieuses
About the dish ...

The judges were looking for each religieuse to be two choux buns, neatly stacked on top of each other in the traditional 'nun' format. They were expected to be flavored and decorated in a way that represents the New Year.

Prue Leith: " The whole point of choux is the lightness and the air. The bakers must get the mixture right and they must get the oven hot before putting the choux in so that it will rise properly.

Paul Hollywood: "If the choux buns don't rise, then what will happen is that the buns will be too dense and the bakers won't get any filling in at all.

Prue Leith: " What I'm looking for in the fillings is something luxurious, and satiny smooth ... quite heavy on the cream and, of course, the booze. This is no time for dieting."

Paul Hollywood: " I want to see lots of flavor and lots of color."

Time Allowed

2 hours

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