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Maxy's "Phoenix" Smash Cake

Maxy's "Phoenix" Smash Cake

Maxy layered a mango and passion fruit coulis with a lemon joconde sponge and covered with a white dome adorned with a brightly colored (and slightly abstract) phoenix. 

Maxy hadn't found a silicon mould (or a balloon) so she used the inside of a pudding basin, well oiled, for her blue tye-dyed dome (made with colored white chocolate).

Maxy made ultra-thin tuile biscuits for feathers as part of her triumphant phoenix cake.

During judging, Prue Leith described the cake as 'beautiful, imaginative". She said "I just love the way the flames and the feathers merge together. I've never seen anything like it."

In contrast, Paul Hollywood said "Well, the phoenix is certainly abstract. It looks like it flew into a windscreen." (Harsh, Paul.)

The dome broke beautifully to reveal a bright and delicious cake. Paul Hollywood said of the cake "the passionfruit and mango sauce has seeped into the cake and it reminds me of a trifle." 

Prue Leith said "... and yet it cuts like a cake. I think it's very, very clever and I can't fault it. I think it's wonderful."

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