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Signature Dish:

Tear and Share Stuffed Loaf

Tear and Share Stuffed Loaf
About the dish ...

Host: "Welcome to Bread week and your signature challenge. What Paul Hollywood doesn't know about bread can be written on a tiny crouton. Now, for your signature challenge, the judges would like you to make a filled tear-and-share loaf. Your loaf can be sweet or savoury, but it must be made with yeasted bread dough and then shaped and baked as one loaf, ready to be torn apart by the judges. The flavors and the fillings are entirely up to you."

Paul Hollywood: "This challenge is not as simple as you think. There's got to be a big tear and share loaf. It has to be a yeasted dough, and it has to be filled with something delicious. I think if the bakers keep it simple flavors and a good base dough, they'll do really well. Make it any more complicated, they're probably going to struggle."

Time Allowed

3 hours

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