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Yoyo macarons

Yoyo macarons
This dish earned a Hollywood Handshake on The Great British Baking Show ™

Voice-Over: "Dawn's multicolored yo-yo macarons will be filled with a mascarpone cream packed full of sharp strawberry flavour." 

Dawn: "This is freeze dried strawberry powder. I'm not measuring, I'm just throwing it in." 

Voice-over: "Dawn is using sharpness to combat her macaron sweetness." 

Dawn: "I don't want to get told there's not enough strawberry, do I?"

Prue Leith: "They look perfect. Little macarons. Nice feet on the bottom, crisp outside. Neat as a pin."

Paul Hollywood: "Very good." 

Dawn: "They've got a strawberry mascarpone cream filling." 

Paul Hollywood: "The macaron is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The idea of putting the string round with fondant, it just lifts you up, because sometimes inside of macarons can be quite heavy and dense. That's also a really clever idea. It's effective. Well done."

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