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Signature Dish:

12 Sausage Rolls

12 Sausage Rolls
About the dish ...

In episode 8 of Season 14 of The Great British Baking Show ™, the 5 remaining contestants were required to create twelve delicious sausage rolls. It was made clear that these could be made from any type of pastry, and that the filling and flavor was completely open as long as the finished goods were shaped into a sausage and wrapped in pastry.

Prue Leith said "We've said that the contestants can use any pastry they like, but I expect that most of them will use rough puff." (This turned out to be entirely correct - all 5 made rough puff pastry.) Tasha (contestant) added "Rough Puff Pastry is a shorter way of doing puff pastry, because the full version takes hours."

Paul Hollywood said "It's quite hot in the tent today and butter is going to melt very quickly. The bakers will have to use the fridge and keep their pastry chilled right up until they put it in the oven. That will create the lamination, flake and butteriness that we're looking for."

Of the sausage roll filling, Paul Hollywood said "it's got to pack a punch. We want a little bit of moisture, too - this can't be too dry or too 'claggy'."

Time Allowed

2 hours

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