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Signature Dish:

Enriched Buns

Enriched Buns
About the dish ...

Host: "Today, we'd like you to make 24 buns. They can be Bath buns, Chelsea Buns, Colston Buns, Devonshire revel buns. It doesn't really matter. We just need 24 of them, and they need to be made with yeast. And you've got 3 hours."

Paul Hollywood: "Enriched dough begins as a basic bread mixture using flour, salt, yeast and water. It's usually enriched by adding eggs, fat, sugar, milk, or a combination of these. The cooks must get their mix right, and they've got to get their base dough right. It must be soft and it must be bordering on the wet. If you go for a tight, dry dough, you end up with very small air holes and the product will end up being crusty rather than being soft. Very, very hard challenge."

Mary Berry: "Paul is particularly fussy that every bun is the same size and every bun is baked evenly, so we shall just see what the cooks get up to. British sweet buns range from lardy cakes to bath buns, Cornish saffron buns to Chelsea buns."

Time Allowed

3 hours

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